Neverland Beauty Hair Styling Accessories Tools Set Hair Twist Styling Clip Stick Bun Maker Braid Tool

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Description:Condition:brand new hair styling accessories setAll the items are as showed in the picture.With this amazing value, best quality set for hair styling you can do the magic by yourself and create the most amazing hairdos every day and with different sizes you decide about amount of volumes, your possibilities are unlimited!Accessories in this set are made of best quality materials, which will not electrify your hair and will prevent its breakage or ripping out when removed, so you can enjoy many fabulous hairdos and a head full of shiny, healthy, silky hair!This complete hair styling set will be an amazing addition to hairdresser’s or stylist’s equipment.If need ,please chose Neverland perferssional training head Package includes:1 X Hair Braid Tools Sets

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