[MIZON] Snail Repair Eye Cream 15ml (0.50 fl.oz.)

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[MIZON] Snail Repair Eye Cream, 15ml (0.50 fl.oz.)

Features: Excellent natural growing effect, Containing epithelial cell growing factor, Effective improvements on both tiny & deep wrinkles, Whitening cream, Fast absorption 15 ml
Excellent Skin Recovery Effect [Filtered Snail Slime 80%] Mucin, known for snail slime, has outstanding skin recovery effect. This ingredient restores skin swiftly and delivers various active ingredients deep in skin to reinforce skin's own re-productivity. Containing E.G.F E.G.F is a cell component which decreases starting from age 25, and this proceeds skin aging. Snail repair eye cream containing E.G.F helps eye skin maintain elastic and bright. From Fine Wrinkles to Deep Wrinkles - Certified for Anti-Aging [Adenosin] KFDA announced Wrinkle - free ingredient, Adenosin, and ingredient particularly famous for wrinkle relief, Peptide, effectively improve wrinkles. Dark Circle Care - Certified for Whitening [Niacinamide] Skin layer of eye is very thin. When darkening starts, dark shadow appears remarkably. Niacinamide contained in Snail Repair Eye Cream is an announced factor for whitening, controls melanin produce around eye skin to make your skin bright and shiny. Tight Texture Increases Absorption Filtered snail slime's own texture contained in eye cream. You can spread gently on skin and feel moisturized for longer. It helps to increase absorption not to leave sticky feeling [How to Use] At Base, take appropriate amount with spatula, spread tapping light
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Description: Around the age of 25, every woman starts the aging process due to decreasing E.G.F or Epidermal Growth Factor in their cells. Yea, it’s sad! Because you’ll be seeing more stubborn panda marks under your eyes along with a bad case of eye wrinkles. Yet, you’ll have Mizon’s Snail Repair Eye Cream to protect and defend yourself from these horrid age markers. Fight age signs with its certified, fine and deep wrinkle, dark circle, and anti-aging care. With included E.G.F, it’ll help your eye remain bright with whitening effects. And with snail mucus filtrate, your eye area will be able to regenerate and refresh in no time with its tight texture that increases absorption. Now you won’t have to cake on eye concealer.
Instruction: -Apply a small amount around eyes and pat in to absorb
-Tip: Store the eye cream in the refrigerator to maintain E.G.F features
-Tip: Apply not only on eye rim, but also on the mouth, furrow, or neck for more results

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