eshion® Hair Design Styling Accessory Maker Pads Hairpins Clip Donut Tool Kit

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Weight:About 140g Package include: 1. Stick dish sponge ball head hair x2 (1 large 1 small) 2. beak beauty comb x1 3. Pull pattern hair pins x2(1 large 1 small) 4.The double hook plate pattern hair x1 5. Quick dish hair x3 6. centipede is a dish made x1 7. bangs posted x2 8. The invisible princess head bangs hair plug x2 9.BB clip x2 10. The additional pad Punta hair x2(1 large 1 small) 11. A hair braider x1 12. wavy hair hoop x1 13. French curls a treasure x1 14. Sleeping Beauty curlers 1 package (with 6pcs) 15. The word folder x10 16. Elasticx 2 17. Screw clamp x2 18. The Japanese continued strong pull more with a small rubber band 1 package (about 45pcs) 19. Multifunction U-shaped clip x10 20. donuts x1

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