Best Scar Cream for Acne Scars, Old and New Scars and Surgical Scars. Anti-Aging Make-up Primer. Contains Medical Grade Silicone and 17% Vitamin C

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Do you have scarring from surgery, acne, a burn, or skin injury? Do you suffer from uneven skin tone? Created by accomplished plastic surgeon, Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, InviCible Scars is an effective, safe treatment for scars and hyperpigmentation. InviCible helps improve scars that are firm, raised, red or hyperpigmented (dark, pink or red), dark spots, dark acne marks, dark marks from burns or other skin injury, and uneven skin tone (especially on the face). InviCible Scars is dual formulated so it can also be used as the ideal primer – fade your facial skin imperfections daily and effortlessly under your favorite makeup.

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